Welcome To The Course

Welcome to this class on exploring your fear and any other thinking about money.

In this class we'll explore different fears or thoughts and you get to do The Work on them.

This is a self-paced course which means it is available to you at any time, whenever you feel like questioning your beliefs about money.

Come back to it often. Work through it all at once. It is completely up to you how you proceed through it.

And, if you want support, join the Monthly Work Group online, where you can post your questions, or come and do The Work with me. Each week I will do The Work with a participant in the group, and possibly more than one, depending on time. Find the details for this Monthly Group on theworkwithkaren school homepage.

Denise Linn says in her 21 Days to Fabulous, Glorious Abundance course:

"Observing Your Core Beliefs: A core belief is a notion that you have held so long and repeated so often that it has become entrenched into your subconscious mind. These beliefs are like a hum in the background that you don't know is there until it stops."