Notice if you are present with your child

Okay so let me just say that I notice that it doesn't appear that I am 'focused' on you, as I made this video. I was still getting used to where the camera was on the tablet I was using. It didn't work that I wasn't looking directly at the camera. Such a simple thing, and yet I notice it now that I watch the video back.

Interesting really, given that I am talking to you about how focused you are on your child when they engage with you.

Tip #1 is about noticing where you attention or focus is, when your child comes to engage with you. Are you 100% present and focused on them and what is going on?

This is not always simply about being there in their physical presence either. What this is about is fully tuning into them.  

Do you notice they are excited?

Do they seem sad and upset and yet they aren't saying that?

Are they being clingy? What might be going on behind that?

The only way for you to fully connect and engage at a person to person level with your child is to be fully present with them.

Fully Present = 100% Focused and Paying Attention To Them (the other person in this situation)

Today's Exercise

Notice where your focus is when your child comes to engage with you

Notice where your mind is. Is it thinking about something else?

Notice if there is something they aren't telling you?