Do you really listen to them?

Have you ever felt that someone has been really listening to you?

I am going to guess that your answer is no.

In my own experience it is only when we feel listened to that we are able to listen to someone else, fully.

So, if that's the case, let's just accept, in this moment, that you've never really been listened to.

Is that how you want your child to feel, not listened to?

I'm guessing not. It's not a nice space to be in.

That then means beginning to notice when you are in the space of not listening and asking yourself why.

Why are you not listening?

What is distracting you?

Where is your focus, your mind, right in that moment?

And, if you notice that your interaction with your child began with you believing they weren't listening to you...

guess what, they are mirroring exactly how you are towards them.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

When you believe they aren't listening to you, YOU are the one not listening... either to them, or to yourself.

So, pay attention.

Notice when you have this thought.

Notice when you aren't listening, fully, and bring yourself back.

Back to the place of being fully present and really listening.

Hear that other person speaking.

You may just be surprised what you hear.

Really Listening = 100% Focused and Paying Attention To Them and Hearing What They Are or Aren't Saying

Today's Exercise

Notice whether you are fully listening when your child speaks.

Are you really hearing what they are saying, or only interpreting it?

Notice if you have shut down even before they start talking.

What ARE they saying, or not saying?